Neale Woods Night Photography Outing – 8 pm Saturday 4/18/15 – POSTPONED TO WED 4/22

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Due to today’s heavy rain, I decided to postpone tonight’s night photography shoot to Wednesday, April 22nd at 8pm. Though it has stopped raining, the parking lot at Neale Woods can get very muddy and difficult to drive and walk through. The current forecast calls for clear skies on Wednesday so if that holds true we will be able to shoot the stars as well as light painting.

Again, please let me know if you will be able to attend by either replying to this post or e-mailing me at


Peter Carbonell


Please read the post below again before coming so that you can make sure you have the recommended gear for the shoot!


In conjunction with our next club meeting presentation, Doug French and I will be leading an outing to Neale Woods for a night photography shoot. We will meet in front of the old Neale Woods Nature Center at 8pm on this coming Saturday, April 18th. We will be done around 10pm.

Doug and I have selected a couple of locations near the Nature Center where we can practice some of the techniques that will be presented by Alan Brodin during our Thursday night meeting like light painting, photographing stars as points of light and star trails.

We will be discussing some of this during the presentation on Thursday, but to help you prepare, here’s a few items should bring if you’ll be coming along:

  • DSLR camera is recommended.
  • Point & Shoot cameras may work if they have Manual or Night modes or high ISO capability.
    • Lenses – wide angle with a large aperture (at least f/4) is best.
      • Slows star movement down.
      • Nice wide landscape view.
      • Wide angle lens increases depth of field. More is in focus.
    • Tripod – camera must be steady for long exposures.
    • Memory cards
    • Extra batteries
    • Remote release or timer release. Minimal camera shake will cause shots to blur on long exposure shots.
    • Headlamp – preferably one with a red light mode. This helps maintain your night vision. Can also be used for light painting.
    • Nice to have’s
      • Loupe – magnifies LCD screen to check the focus and exposure.
      • Intervalometer – programmable remote release for exact bulb exposures or multiple exposures.
      • Cleaning cloth
      • Tools – anything you might need if something comes loose on your tripod or mounting plate, i.e. screwdriver, hex key, etc…
      • Warm clothing
      • Bug spray
      • Water & snack
      • Flashlight for light painting.
      • Flash gels or colored cellophane.
    • What to prepare
      • Charge batteries
      • Clean lenses
      • Remove lens filters – no need for polarizing or neutral density filters. They cut out light and can cause halos around the stars.
      • Be familiar with your camera. It is difficult to make changes to settings in the dark if you don’t know your camera well.

Please let me know if you are planning on attending. You can contact me via the e-mail address or let me know in person at this week’s meeting.

In case you’ve never been to Neale Woods, here’s a map:

Doug and I are hoping to get a good turnout so please consider joining us. Whether you come to shoot or just watch and learn, it should be a lot of fun!

Please let me know if there are any questions.

Peter Carbonell

Fontenelle Forest Photo Club


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  1. Thanks for the info guys. I’ll keep an eye on the radar tomorrow. If I decide that we need to cancel, I’ll try to have notifications out around 6pm.

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