Minutes of the Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Meeting, November 15, 2018

About 35 people met at 7:00 P.M at Fontenelle Forest’s Camp Brewster building. President Jay Davis presided.

Three new people introduced themselves (Audrey, Denise and Nicolette).


 Treasurer’s report:

Kathleen Rose reported that the club has $1,686 in the treasury.

Photo Displays – Judy Dye

Next photos to be collected for displays are:

February: Anything old and trees

April: Forms in nature and glass

Photos must be 8×10, 8×12 or 11×14 only and not framed and no border if possible.  Put your name, the topic and where shot on the back.

December Meeting and Christmas Party

Our program for next month is the annual Christmas slideshow and party. Everyone should send 3 or 4 of their favorite photos to Peter Carbonell via the webmaster@fontenelleforestphotoclub.org email. If possible, the images should be resized to 2000 pixels on the long edge and 72 ppi. These photos will be shown in a slideshow during the event.

Also a sign-up sheet was passed around for the Christmas party. The club will provide a main meal plus drinks. Everyone should have signed up to bring a salad, appetizer or desert.

Jay: Everybody should photograph their Thanksgiving dinner as a project for next year.

Jay mentioned that the Hot Shops (1301 Nicholas St.) where Jay has his studio will have an open house on Dec 1 and 2. Jay has 2 locations at Hot Shops.

Jay mentioned that in April, Terry Koopman of the Hot Shops will present on how to print for photo contests.


The program for the evening was a presentation by Alex Wiles, former club president and a conservation photojournalist who has traveled worldwide on photography projects. Alex talked about his Missouri River project.

Alex recently traveled along the Missouri River from its source down to St. Louis. He started at the source of the river documenting what the river and associated people looked like.  Through photography he documented a lot of the wildlife in and around the river. He also talked about recreational activities associated with the river. Some of his photography was done with drones and some from a small plane. As he traveled down the river he photographed some of the wildlife against plain white backgrounds (e.g. paddlefish, beaver, water snakes, garter snakes and mink) to document what lives in the river.

Alex collaborated with the National Park Service and various Lewis and Clark centers along the river both of which helped fund the project.

Alex encouraged public outreach through various means including providing stickers of his photographs some of which are on the bob Kerrey Bridge. In the next phase of the project, Alex will meet with the National Park Service and Lewis and Clark Center of Sioux City to provide a full-fledged museum exhibit.

Thanks to the Kuhns and McKees for treats tonight.

Submitted by Eric Scholar, Secretary

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