Minutes from February 20, 2020 meeting

Club February 20,2020

About 39 people attended

Minutes of the Fontenelle Forest Photo

President Phil Mininni,  Presided


Five new people were present


Photos of Toads and Frogs are due along with reflections. Anything pink and rocks will be displayed in the near future and later on statues and vine photos will be due. Frank Dye emphasized that submitted photos should have no borders along the long edge. They should have the submitter’s name along with a title.

Treasurers Report: Kathleen There is $1724.74 in the club’s treasury

Donna Gray: mentioned that Timmy’s tree house donated a new sign for the photo club. Phil recommended that an additional 2 more be made for our exhibits.

Phil: mentioned that he is looking for the original webmaster so changes can be made in the club’s website. With regards to the website Phil talked about the gallery where photos can be submitted and displayed.  A photo submitted for the gallery will be displayed and could be commented on. In the Under the microscope section there is  space for comments and criticism of an individual photo. Phil encouraged members to submit photos. Comments about and criticisms of your photos help improve them.

Phil: would like 2 volunteers to organize a field trip sometime in May. Suggested locations for this field trip are Neale Woods, Fontenelle Forest, Platte River Waterfall, Safari Park and a Walking tour. Other locations are also encouraged.

Phil: mentioned that in the Baright Gallery from April 4 to July 7,2020 will be a display by local artists of all types. See the forest website for rules and more info.  FF Club Photographers are encouraged to submit their work.

Phil: The  March 19, 2020 meeting will be on Architecture photography by Past President Jay Davis


The program tonight will be given by Allen Kurtz and is entitled Bird Photography-How to get started.

Allen Talked a little of his background and how he got into photography and specifically how he got unto bird photographs. He then talked about the equipment he uses for bird photography and how it has changed over the last few years. The major equipment he used in the last few years was a 600mm lens (f4). He recommended a tripod (with no center post). Allen uses a Wimberly Gimbel head with a clamping device for mounting the lens on the tripod. He highly recommended that a person practice using the equipment a lot so when photographing a bird, one knows where everything is located and how it works. Because of the weight and difficulty in walking around with and photographing with this size lens Allen now uses  a 600mm Sony 200-600mm zoom lens. It is a lot lighter and more portable than his previous lens. Allen also talked about how to find birds (Sneak up on them, hide, listen, look for movement in trees). One should know what birds are around in the different seasons.

He  ended his program by showing several slides of his bird photography over the seasons

Thanks to Linda Schuett and Nea Baney  and for bringing treats

Submitted by Eric Scholar, Secretary.

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