Meeting Minutes – January 21, 2016

Peter Carbonell started the meeting with business items:

New Member Introductions
New members introduced themselves:
Bob Wells
Howard Carson


Photo Displays
Photos needed for Forest and Library displays:

Due February meeting – Church windows and/or Anything White
Due April meeting – Neon Signs and/or Canines
Please remember to add your name, the subject and location on the back of each photo you submit. The photos can be 8×10, 8×12 or 11×14. No mattes or frames please.


Photo Contest
The annual club Photo Contest will be coming in late May so start thinking about submitting photos. Details regarding the contest rules will be posted shortly.


Next Meeting
Our next meeting will be on Thursday February 18th at 7pm at the Fonentelle Forest Nature Center when we will receive a presentation on Lightroom. If you have Lightroon loaded on your lapttop, feel free to bring it to the meeting and follow along.


Meeting Presentation
The following members provided presentations on one of their favorite photo destinations:

Alan Kurth – Monterey, California
Alan suggested flying into San Francisco, renting a car, and driving to Monterey. He advised there were an incredible amount of things to do in the area and displayed a few photos. Some he discussed were:
– State Parks
– 17 Mile Drive (goes from Monterey to Carmel)
– Lone Cypress on 17 mile drive
– Spanish Mission in Carmel
– Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey (advised not as artistic as in past)
– Cannery Row
– Monterey Bay Aquarium
– Whale watching
– Sea Otter watching
Alan suggested the best time of year to go there are early spring or September/October, but any time is good.

Eric Scholar – Omaha
Eric was enthralled with taking photos of Murals in Omaha. He displayed a few of them. Eric has been taking these photos for a few years and has over 100. Taking the photos was not hard but finding out who painted them took quite a bit of research. Eric has made photo books of the murals. Some discussed were:
– Murals hanging on Silos along I-80 east of 36th. These are no longer on display but he was fortunate to get photos while they were on display.
– Wall of building west of TD Ameritrade Park. This mural is full of people.
– Beercade Bar in Benson
– He also mentioned several murals underground along the Keystone Trail.

Tracy and Todd Utter – Along Mississippi River
Both of them love taking photos of wildlife, especially the Bald Eagle. If you go to Squaw Creek you can see eagles but they are usually in the trees. They discovered that by going to Lock/Dam 14 near I-80 along the Mississippi River they could get much closer to the birds and get great photos. They displayed a few of their photos.
Many photographers go there and pool together to purchase fish to sling-shot into the water. The eagles grab the fish and a great opportunity for wonderful photos is there. The birds are about 20 to 30 feet away. They advised that the best time to go is in the Winter. Online you can find Fish and Wildlife reports on the number of eagles in the area.

Peter Carbonell – Snowy Range in Wyoming
Peter advised that this is located 45 miles west of Laramie near Centennial, Colorado, in the Medicine Bow National Forest. The roads there are all paved. Many sights are right off the road nad easily accessible. Peter displayed a few of his photos. Some of the areas he discussed were:
– Libby Lake and Lewis Lake are at 10,000 feet altitude
– Lake Marie there are nice trails
– There are many wildflowers in the area.
– Peter advised that the best time to go see the wildflowers is August.

The final portion of the meeting was spent with members participating in the photo equipment swap meet.

A big thanks to Judy Dye for taking the meeting minutes. Please send any questions via e-mail to

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