May 16, 2013 Meeting Minutes

President Frank Comisar opened the meeting with about 25 members present.

Contest Coordinator Doug French reminded us that the Club Show is quickly approaching.  Your photos need to be ready to go by June 1st.  So it’s time to get cracking!  Start thinking about which pictures you’d like to enter and get them framed.  If you can’t drop off your pictures on June 1st, you can make arrangements with either Doug or Kathleen Crawford-Rose.  The judge this year will be Derrald Farnsworth-Livingston.  For more information about the Contest, dates and rules, please visit our contest page.

New officers were elected for 2013/2014 as follows:

      • President – Allen Kurth
      • Vice President – Alan Brodin
      • Secretary – Heather Ingram

The May issue of our newsletter will be the last such newsletter provided in the traditional format. All communications going forward is now provided through our club web site – Members are encouraged to subscribe to automatic e-mail notifications. A special thanks goes out to Dick Keefe for many years of service related to producing and distributing the Snapshot. Thanks Dick, your efforts have been greatly appreciated.

After announcements and election, Frank Comisar presented information and photos from two recent photo shoots: Prairie Chickens and Sharp-Tailed Grouse near Burwell, NE and Monument Valley

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