March 21, 2013 Meeting Minutes

President Frank Comisar opened the meeting. About 35 people were in attendance with several potential new members present.

Contest Coordinator Doug French updated members on the Club Contest to be held in June.  Doug handed out the contest rules to those in attendance. A copy of the rules can be downloaded from the web page or here. Go to the Calendar page and navigate to the June event for more details.

Frank mentioned that John Gerlach will be conducting a Nature Photography seminar in Omaha on March 23rd.  You can find out more about the workshop and how to sign up at John’s website. Brochures were also provided to those in attendance.

Frank announced the tentative dates for a weekend photo shoot in the Sandhills are May 17-19. Details are yet to be worked out but we would likely stay in Valentine, NE on Friday and Saturday nights. Photo shoot locations could include Valentine NWR and Smith Falls State Park. A show of hands indicated about 6 people are interested in attending.

Tony Palmer, entomologist at the Henry Doorly Zoo then presented a very interesting tutorial on photographing insects after which he introduced us to a variety of his favorite critters, making them available to those brave members interested in working on macros of insects. I for one, would have participated had I remembered to bring my 600mm lens :-).









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