December 2019 Update

I hope everyone had a grand Thanksgiving day!

You may remember I said I was having a problem with our website’s slideshow plug in (app). I contacted the company and they helped me out with the plug in and is now working as intended.

I was able to update the WordPress website. In doing so, caused the crash of the site. Still working on some bugs. Make a change and some things don’t work right after. Still waiting on info about the security of the site. I want to change the website to include a secured URL address. “https:// www. fontenelle…” We currently have an “http://www….” address.

December meeting Slideshow

I have photos from only 10 people. This is another opportunity to shine and show off your photos. This is not like dragging out the Kodak Carousel and looking at some over and under exposed photos of the cousins at a water park and have to sit through 45 minutes of a boring Kodachrome slide show.

Send me your four or less photos. Size them at around 2000 pixels on the long side. If you are unfamiliar on how to resize your photos send me what you can and I can resize them for you. Don’t be afraid to send us some of your favorite photos. The subject of the photos are up to you. They can be new pictures or older ones you would like to share. Our photo taking talents run the gamut of experience. Remember some mail servers limit the size of the files sent. If you run into this problem, just send the photos individually. Send to either the webmaster (me) or Phil Mininni (me). After the December potluck I will put the slide show on the home page of our website.

New Members

I want to welcome two new members that joined our club at the November meeting. I apologize for not recognizing them at that time. Welcome Brent Headley and Nathan Lentsch. Nathan has the distinction of being our youngest member. The challenge of any group club is to continue to be relevant and interesting. I hope we as a group can keep encouraging each other to continue to be active in the club.

Photoshop and Lightroom

My wife Sue was an employee of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She retired from there also. As a retiree she was eligible to get the Adobe Creative Cloud suite for $10/year. Well that has changed. Retirees are no longer eligible due to contract changes between the University and Adobe. So I was torn whether to subscribe or fall back on my Photoshop Elements 8 program. I decided to go with Photoshop and Lightroom. It costs me $9.99/month plus tax. I am going to learn more about the program. I have already taken some online courses. I don’t have to tell you that the older I get, as the saying goes”if you don’t use it…” The cost is not too bad. If your not already using PS and LR, check their website out,

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or corrections below. See you all at the Christmas Potluck Dinner on December 19, 2019.

Video of the month

Tony and Chelsea Northrup are photographers with their own YouTube channel. They are pretty down to earth people. They also have their own business. They sell photo books. One of them I recently purchased. It is “How To Create Stunning Digital Photography” It is easy to read and understand. You can also download the book. It has links to a lot of their videos. It may even be a great Christmas gift for someone.

Minutes for November 19, 2018 meeting

Minutes of the Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Nov. 21, 2019

About 32 people met at 7:00 P.M at,Fontenelle Forest

Phil Mininni,  Presided



Dec..: Snow and Ice

Toads and Frogs in the near future

Treasurers Report (Kathleen): There is $1920 in the clubs treasury

Phil reported:

There will be an open house at the hot Shops from Dec. 7-9

Ex president Jay Davis may give a program on architectural Photography in the near future.

Donna is working on a revised club brochure.

Phil called on members to provide up to 4 photos each for the Christmas show,

Phil mentioned that because of previous commitments at the nature center our December  meeting and show will be at Camp Brewster. There was some discussion as to whether this place is adequate for our meeting . Pros and cons were discussed and the over all feeling of the members was that it would be adequate. There were concerns about the size and heating in the room. It will be held on Dec. 19 and will be a pot luck with the club providing chicken and each member asked to bring a salad or desert. Those coming should sign up on the sheet being circulated.


The program tonight was presented by Mark Graeve of Rockbrook Camera. He talked about whats new in cameras and photographic equipment. The following cameras and equipment were discussed:

Cameras:He showed cameras in the following classes: Point and Shoot cameras, Interchangeable lens cameras, Mirrorless cameras. He talked about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Lens: Tamron 150-600,Tamron 18-400,Canon and Nikon all in one lenses.

Lighting Equipment: LED lights, External flashes, Built in small flashes, GoDoc system

Gimbel head on a tripod,

Camera Bags: Roller bags,Small bags


Thanks to  Wayne Brill and Emett Egr  for bringing treats

The meeting was adjourned about 8:15

Submitted by Eric Scholar, Secretary.

November 21, 2019 Meeting Reminder

Another reminder to our members about the meeting on Thursday the 21st.

Our speaker will be Mark Graeve from Rockbrook Camera . He will be discussing what is new in photography equipment

We will be taking names for the December potluck.  We need a head count for items. The club provides like serving items, drinks and chicken.

Judy will collect our “People walking their dogs” photos. Kathleen will collect the unpaid dues. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM at the forest

December 19, 2019 Slide Show

Please get your photos to Phil, or the webmaster, as soon as you can. 4 photos max please. The submitted photos should be no longer than 2000 pixels on the longest side. You choose the subject(s)

Night Photography

Take a look at the YouTube video below. It is not so much a tutorial than it is about just go out and take some night shots. It is only about 10 minutes long. We will be given a presentation about night photography on the January 16th meeting

Subject for January 16, 2020 meeting

November 21, 2019 Meeting

Kathleen asked that members, if they haven’t paid dues this fall, it should be done. Also, we will be taking names for the December potluck.  We need a head count for items. The club provides like serving items, drinks and chicken.

Our speaker will be Mark Graeve from Rockbrook Camera . He will be discussing what is new in photography equipment.

2019 NEBRASKAland Photo Contest

With miles of winding rivers, wide-open vistas and wildlife from border to border, Nebraska is a photographer’s paradise.
We’d like you to share your visions of Nebraska with us through the 2019 Nebraskaland Magazine Photo Contest. Simply enter on Instagram using the hashtag: #nebraskaland2019. Deadline for this contest is November 24, 2019. For a complete list of rules, click on here

November Update

Forest Boardwalk


We have a speaker for the  November 21 meeting. He is Mark Graeve from Rockbrook Camera. He will be giving us information about “What’s new in Photography Equipment”.

At the January 16 meeting we will have a presentation about night time photography. Our speaker will be Ken Smith. Check out Ken’s website

Potluck Dinner and Slideshow on December 19

Don’t forget to submit photos for our slideshow coming up at the December 19, 2019 meeting. Submit a maximum of four photos to or to The submitted photos should be no longer than 2000 pixels on the longest side. You choose the subject(s)

72 PPI Web Resolution Is A Myth

Here is a short video about PPI, DPI and resolution

Photo Contest(s)

To see a list of ongoing photo contests check out this link From “Photo Compete” Contests

There are contest that have an application fee. Some more expensive than others. Look for the free ones.


Photo Processing Sites

Michele asked where do I get my photos printed if I don’t have a printer. Most home printers do not print photos very well. I told her I go to Costco on Dodge Street. There is also Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Walgreens to name a few local venues. There are online services such as Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Walgreens. The following link is a website for a review of the top ten sites to have photos printed according to “Top Ten”, . There are professional processing services such as Miller’s Professional Processing, Nations Photo Lab, and Printique are some to check out. These services will most doubt-ably be more expensive. This is an open invitation to our members to leave a comment or bring to the next meeting their favorite places to have their photos processed and printed.


Don’t forget to bring your “People Walking Dogs” photo to the November meeting. They will be hung at the Bellevue Library after November’s meeting. Start thinking about December’s photo also. The subject is “Snow”.

Meeting Minutes-October 17, 2017

Minutes of the Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Meeting, October 17, 2019

About 26 people met at 7:00 P.M. at Fontenelle Forest

Phil Mininni, President presided


Phil mentioned that Kathy Holm volunteered to serve as Vice President. She was unanimously elected to that office

 TREASURER: Kathleen Rose reported that we have $1500 in the treasury


Display photos:

Nov…People walking dogs

Dec… Snow

Jan… Ice

Donna Gray asked for suggestions about a new club brochure

Phil: Discussed the club’s website and portfolio and mentioned the different ways photos could be displayed (it was up to the member). He encouraged members to submit photos for the portfolio.

Phil put on the website links to YouTube videos about photography, mentioned an upcoming photo contest and listed other subjects of interest,

Upcoming meetings: November-Rockbrook camera and what’s new in cameras

December-Potluck and member slide show (submit up to 4 photos per member).


The program tonight was presented by WORLD HERALD photographer Ryan Sonderlin on black and white photography. Ryan showed some of his own photos and then mentioned some points about what makes good photography and good black and white photography in general.

He mentioned Having a clean background, showing emotion, mood and has proper exposure and shooting lots of photos. The same criteria apply for color and black and white photography.

Ryan felt shooting in color, then converting to black and white rather than the reverse is the way to go

Thanks to Michele Curran and Donna Gray for bringing treats

One new member introduced himself.

The meeting was adjourned about 8:15

Submitted by Eric Scholar, Secretary.