Annual Photo Contest/Critique Results and Meeting Minutes

One June 19th, the annual photo contest awards and critique meeting took place. 25 members were in attendance.

Professional photographer Derrald Farnsworth-Livingston was the 2014 awards judge.

The first and second place winners as well as overall show winners will be displayed at the Bellevue Public Library over the summer months and will be returned at the first club meeting in September.

The photo take down will be Saturday, June 28th at 10:00 AM.

Novice – Animals

1st Place – Peter Carbonell “Waxwings”

2nd Place – Robert May “Yellow Warbler”

3rd Place – Ken Huber “Coopers Hawk”

Novice – Flora

1st Place- Eric Scholar “Yellow Orchid”

2nd Place – Kathleen Crawford Rose “Tree”

Novice -Scenic

1st Place – Robert May “Sunset & Storm”

2nd Place – Eric Scholar “Three Gossips”

3rd Place – Jason Keel “Mountain Born”

Advanced – Animals

1st Place – Alan Brodin “Wise Guy”

2nd Place – Heather Ingraham “Pheasant”

3rd Place – Allen Kurth “Building the Nest

3rd Place – Heather Ingraham “Green Violet Ear”

Advanced – Flora

1st Place Allen Kurth “Hanging Basket

2nd Place – Doug French “Simply a Rose”

3rd Place – Sue Mininni “Spring Flowers”

Advanced – Scenic

1st Place – Dough French “Waves of Sandstone”

2nd Place Lonny Holman “Golden Hour”

Advanced/Novice – Anything Goes

1st Place – Peter Carbonell “A Fall Walk”

2nd Place – Doug French “Farmers Market”

3rd Place – Allen Kurth “City of Lights”

3rd Place – Country Shrine”

Best of Show – Doug French “Great Horned Owl”

Best of Show Runner Up – Heather Ingraham “White-Tail Deer”

People’s Choice – Allen Kurth “Builidng a Nest”

Member’s Choice – Doug French “Waves of Sand”

Best Black and White – Doug French “Simply a Rose”

Best Photo Taken at Fontenelle – Doug French “Great Horned Owl”

Best Photo Taken at Fontenelle Runner Up – Peter Carbonell “Escape form the City”




2 thoughts on “Annual Photo Contest/Critique Results and Meeting Minutes

  1. Thanks for everyone’s help this year. Hope everyone had a good time last night and learned a few things! One thing I will take away from this is to always look at the sides of my photo’s and crop distracting objects if possible.

  2. Dates for the contest in 2015:
    May 30, 2015 – set-up at 10 am
    June 18, 2015 – meeting / critique
    June 27, 2015 – show take down at 10 am

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