Neowise Comet

Tom Boggs has asked; Has anyone found a good location to photograph the comet? Only a few evenings left with lots of clouds predicted. I have not seen it yet. Please leave comments below in the comments section.

If you have already taken a picture, send it to me at I will post them.

Below is a 10 minute tutorial for beginners. I will assume some of our more experienced photo club members know more about this. Then again, it never hurts to review.

What’s Happening

Losing board member.

Peter Carbonell has left our club. He will be missed. He was a past president and webmaster. He is also a great photographer. He states that he may rejoin in the future. Pete had been a Board Member at Large.


Steve Carson sends us this info.

For those interested in night sky photography, comet NEOWISE is visible in the morning sky and will be increasingly visible in the evening sky starting in a few days. Click on link

Over the next 2 weeks, the comet will get closer to the Big Dipper.

Bellevue University plans for events.

This from Brittany Hoebelheinrich at Bellevue University via Donna Gray.

Currently we are staying closed to external events/meeting through July 31, we are starting with internal events to see how everything goes.  We’ll meet a few weeks before the end of the month to make a decision for August.

We are still planning to collect photos for our contest. As soon as we find out if the university decides one way or the other, I will inform you all.

My E-mail compromised

Please do not purchased gift cards for me.

Some of the members have received an e-mail from me asking that they purchase e-bay gift cards and send me pictures of both sides. This is a scam!!!

Addresses were hacked and mail sent from someone else’s e-mail address and had my name attached. My proper e-mail address is not I removed the @ sign. I am trying to get google to investigate. So far I have been informed by three people that they received a mailing asking for gift cards. These three are board members.

If you receive an email from me asking you to send money, buy me something…etc. Please disregard!


Phil Mininni