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Forest and Library displays

Since the Forest and Bellevue Library are opening up, I have decided not to display photo subject assignment that can now be put up at the forest and library. I had only received three photos so far anyway. Judy Dye should be contacting her teams to set up day and time for putting up photos soon.

Meyer Monroe Institute Guild Contest

Jennifer Read from the MMI Guild wanted to emphasize the contest is for flowers that are grown from the individual’s garden/yard. See MMI post.

Calling all gardeners and plant lovers of all ages!!!!   The Munroe-Meyer Guild is having their first ever flower/plant contest. 
How to enter:  Take a photo of your favorite plant or flower in your garden/yard and email it to  Entry fee is a $10.00 donation to the Guild.  You can donate on the website or mail your checks to Beena Burg 1414 South 185th Circle Omaha, Ne 68130.  Please indicate in your email whether you donated on the website or mailed your check.  Click on link here on our page to get to our website.  All entries should be received by midnight of June 26th.  All photos will be posted on our Facebook page as they are received.  The photo with the most “likes” will be our winner and announced on June 30th.  The winner will receive a gift card to Timber Wood Fire Grill in Omaha.  Checks should be made out to Munroe-Meyer Guild.  Email any questions you may have to the email listed.  We look forward to all your entries.

Jen Read.

Brent Headley’s Golden Ratio

Brent is a member. He took the golden ratio to one of his photos.

He says; The video and composition suggestions really helped! Here is a before and after of an image. I think the final is a much stronger composition than the original.

Before applying golden ratio
Overlay on photo
after applying the golden ratio

Go see the post that has a video about the Golden Ratio.


Need suggestions for the website. I have started (early in process) looking at revamping the website. I am learning how to develop a sub-domain and will be experimenting with new formats. I would also like to talk with you if you have experience in WordPress websites. Still having issues with some security issues too. I think a new website is warranted.

I want to thank all of you who gives me words of encouragement to keep going on to being your president. I know you all want to be president someday. It is not that hard, when your board has your back and have been very helpful. Though I am also your webmaster. This is more challenging and I am enjoying administrating it. Thanks to you all,


Munroe Meyer Institute Contest

Kathleen Crawford-Rose submits;

Munroe Meyer Institute (UNMC department for people with disabilities) is holding a first flower and plant contest. 

Email a photo of a favorite plant or flower to  The entry fee is a $10.00 donation to the Guild.  You can donate on line at or mail a check to Beena Burg, 1414 S. 185 Circle, Omaha, NE 68130.  The deadline is June 26.  Entries will be posted on the Guild Facebook page.  The prize is a gift card to Timber wood Fire Bistro in Omaha.

This info is in the Saturday World Herald, page 6E.

I know this is sudden, but it is in today’s World Herald. Sorry for short notice.

The Golden Ratio

You have heard of the “rule of thirds”, do you know about the “golden ratio”

Watch the video below. It is less than 14 minutes long.

Let me know if you use this when you are composing a shot or use this in post processing.

Photo Submission Opportunities

Kathleen Crawford-Rose passes an e-mail from Dana Meyer from the Fontenelle Forest.

I hope this message finds you well.

I wanted to pass along a couple of opportunities I was made aware of last week. I will be sharing these on social media on Monday (National Nature Photography Day), but wanted to make sure to pass them on to the Photo Club directly.

The rep from NebraskaLife Magazine specifically asked that I share his request for wildlife images with our photo club. J

Please feel free to share these with your members and on your social media page.

NebraskaLife Magazine – Call for Wildlife Photos

Pinnacle Bank request for photos.

Just a little more than two weeks left to enter your Nebraska landscape photos into our 2021 Nebraska Calendar Photo…

Posted by Pinnacle Bank on Sunday, June 14, 2020

Bird Photography Course

Kathleen Crawford-Rose sends us some info about an online class on Bird Photography. She says,

Some members might be interested in this bird photography class.

Probably time for a reminder for members to get their contest photos ready as it might just happen.  Things are starting to open up.

The course is “Bird Photography with Melissa Groo”. Check out the link. It is from the Cornell Lab. Special pricing till the end of June.

Thanks Kathleen for the heads up.

Update June 8, 2020

Hi every one. I hope all is well and you are staying safe. The board approved a donation to the Forest Raptor Team of $300.00. The Fontenelle Forest allows us to use their facilities for free. This is a way to show our support and appreciation to them.

Treasurer’s Report

Income: zip

Expenses:   Contest ribbons,  $167.79

                      Donation to FF Raptor Team, $300.00

May 31 Balance,  $1296.95

What have you been doing?

I am always interested in posting what are members are doing to keep busy during these trying times. Send me any comments you would like to share with our members. Send to

Photo Displays – Library and Forest

Since we have not been able to hang our subject photos at the library and the forest, I was thinking of doing a virtual display on the website. I would have pages set up for the different subjects assigned to us.

The most recent subjects were

  1. Anything Pink
  2. Rocks
  3. Statues
  4. Vines

We have no word yet when we will be able to have access to the library and forest to hang our photos.

E-mail me at your photos. Tell me what the subject is if it isn’t obvious. Where you took the picture.

Bellevue Leader

I have sent a request to the Leader to compose an article about the photo club. I want see if they would write about our website and tell the public what we are doing during the crisis.

Video of the Month

This is the time of the year to start thinking about flower photography. The following short video is about tips for flower pictures. Enjoy!