New Moon May 7

The Moon portfolio has been posted. Go to the Portfolios on the home page of the website. It is not a slideshow this time. No editing of photos were done. There is plenty of time to submit your moon shot(s). The photos can be added to this portfolio. The photos do not need to be a full moon. I hope to see more submissions. Send to webmaster your moon photos.

Photo Contest

Due to circumstances beyond our control – Covid 19 – the Contest dates have been changed.  Hopefully, no other change will be necessary.

The board has been struggling with whether to have a photo contest at all. I was pushing for an on-line type of contest. We finally agreed to push back the dates. The university has their buildings closed till May 31. There will not be a meeting or field trip in May. See schedule below. The election for club officers will be in September. Our meeting will be at the auditorium at the humanities building on the Bellevue University campus. Map!

I want you all to know that you are not under any pressure to participate. I hope you all do! I think we could even come out to your vehicle to collect your photos if you are still uncomfortable about coming in contact with the public.

2020 Annual Fontenelle Forest

Photography Club Show

Bellevue University, Humanities Building

1040 Bruin Blvd

Bellevue NE.

Set – Up Saturday, August 22    ( 10:00 AM )

Critique and Awards Presentation – Thursday, September 17 – 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Take Down – Saturday, September 26    ( 10:00 AM )

Steve Carson Moon

This is from Steve Carson. A really nice shot of the daytime moon. The next full moon is on May 7 at 6:45 AM. The time of the day is for you purest who want to get it at its peak. I will wait to get it later in the evening. I have not receive very many submissions. Get out and take some great pictures of the moon. They don’t have to be full either. (Webmaster)

From Steve:

I haven’t seen much activity since your challenge, so I thought I might send a recent shot (today).  

Daytime moon photo. If you can see it (and sometimes when you can’t) you can photograph it.

Here is a shot I took this afternoon (sometime around 4:00; I need to reset the time in my camera).

Tamron 150-600 at 600mm, manual settings and manual focus, f/7, 1/200sec, Canon 7D II, tripod

Photoshop crop, sharpen.

Even on a sturdy tripod, a fully extended 600mm zoom makes the mount a little shaky. I forgot my remote release, so I set the camera on live view with delayed exposure at the longer setting (10sec?). That lets the vibrations settle down after you push the button. I need to find my manual and relearn about mirror lockup. It was also a little breezy this afternoon, and every time the wind hit the lens shade there went the sharp photo. It was also a bit hazy and warm, so there were atmospheric distortions, too. My last excuse is my own fault-  I forgot that I should turn off the stabilizer when the camera is on a tripod. First rule in my personal photo book is take lots of pictures. This is the best of the lot.

I also took 2 movies. If I can figure out how to get them into the format needed for Registax, we’ll see what we can do when math is used to combine a hundred or more photos.