Name this Raptor!

This bird chased a pigeon into our porch and stayed nearby to get another chance at it. Sue was able to get pretty close to get this picture. This bird was intent on getting the pigeon. It finally came onto the porch and had it. Sue interrupted and it let go. But the damage was done.

I am not a birder and have no idea what kind of raptor this is. Can you tell me what kind it is?

Steve Carson

X on the Moon

Are you all getting ready to get those moon shots? See below Steve Carson’s input.

X on the moon


Your timing is perfect (allows time for planning). New moon on April 22, so no moon at reasonable hours until next week.

So, here is a shot I took in 2013. Look for the V and the X on the moon surface that are only apparent near this phase (hint, look near the terminator, where the shadow meets the light).

Photo details:


Canon EOS 40D

400mm  f/5.6 at f/6.7

Manual ISO 400 1/250sec

I used a free program designed for astro photographers to stack several exposures. Astro photographers and microscopists are getting really good at enhancing their photographs (de-convolution). If you take multiple exposures, they are all a little different from pixel to pixel, and sometimes by less than a pixel. These photographs can be combined, and the math can increase the resolution of the photograph. These techniques can achieve photographic resolution that is better than the theoretical resolution of the lens or telescope.


Tom Boggs

Hi Phil and Photo Club Members,

This pandemic has temporarily taken away our ability to travel and most of my motivation to do anything else.

I am lucky that I can still go to my job at the Omaha Parks Department. The weeds and grass are growing fast so I can mow AND social distance.

We were lucky to get a day trip to Miami with our granddaughter. I’m trying to take her senior pictures. Usually I try to not have people in my pictures so this is something new.

We also got to spend 2 nights in Kearney with the cranes before things shut down. The last photo is from Walnut Grove park on April 7th with the fog.

I hope to see everyone soon. I like the online contest idea if the University does not open back up for the display.


Tom Boggs

Photographing the Moon

You can do this at Home. I would like to challenge our members to try to photograph the moon and submit your picture to the website for a slide show presentation. Full or otherwise. Below is a video about taking a picture of the moon. In it the author shows how to do this with a Nikon 3500D and a Canon T7 DSLR cameras. I don’t normally use manual mode. You may be the same way. Step out of that comfort zone and try something different. Mail your images to

Hope everyone is staying safe and is healthy!

Handheld shot by me

Adobe Lightroom Basics

Do Space

I watched the DO Space presentation on Photoshop Basics and learned something. As a beginner user, it was good info. Do Space will post that webinar to YouTube shortly. In the meantime They did a webinar on Light room Basics. I am posting it here for your use. What else do you have to do.

I hope everyone is safe and you have not the virus.

Do Space

Tory Ewing writes.

Some people in the photo club may be interested in the Adobe Photoshop Basics webinar being put on Wednesday, April 15 by Do Space.  It should be interesting and it is free.

Thank you Tory for the heads up. I am not familiar with Do Space at all. I will sign up and check it out.

Eric and Jackie Scholar

Phil: Jackie and I  have been spending most of the last couple of weeks at our house. We have been cleaning up the yard and getting the garden ready for planting tomatoes and peppers. We have been doing a lot of reading also. I haven’t done much photography but hope to soon do some macro photography as the flowers are getting ready to bloom. Eric

What are you doing?

In a previous blog I asked what are you doing? And to leave comments below. I would like to go beyond this a bit. I would like to have members send to the webmaster a paragraph or two about what you are doing during this social distancing period we find us in. Also send in some photos of anything you wish to have displayed.

Each submission will be placed in an individual blog post under your name on the website so as other members can see what’s happening with you. Provide information about what you are doing to keep busy. Are there any hints that may be shared with others. Think of this as an assignment to possibly distract you from some of the craziness we all are dealing with. Please stay involved with the club!

I do hope everyone is keeping safe. I know I am less likely to be exposed by going to a park and enjoying the great outdoors than going to the grocery store for food. Did I say that out loud?

What are you doing…?

Whooping Crane
Albino Sandhill Crane

Sue and I went to take pictures of the cranes. We saw a Whooping Crane for the first time ever. I was told the middle picture is of an Albino Sandhill Crane, again a first for us. We maintained our distance from others. We were also taking photos with our new Sigma 150-600mm contemporary lens. Thanks Allen.

What are you doing during these troubled times? I am working in the garage making a CEO desk for the garage. CEO means fancy desk. It is pretty much the most difficult woodworking project to date for me. It is keeping me busy. Sue is trying to make her craft area more user friendly.

Please comment below and share what your family is doing to occupy your time? Do you have any hints on staying upbeat and sane? This would be a good time to get your photos picked out for the photo contest. No decision has been made to cancel the contest yet! Just in case we do, I want to have it on line. So keep in mind to also send those photos to the webmaster when asked. I envision our judge would look at the photos and judge them from the website and critique them at our meeting in June or in September. Ribbons will be awarded at that time. The judge will not know whose photo he is judging.

Please comment below!!!

Logging into the website will make it easier to comment. You would not need to input name, e-mail address…etc.