June Meeting Minutes and Contest Results

Allen opened the meeting with the election of officers and the results are:

President – Peter Caronell

Vice President – Alan Borodin

Treasurer – Kathleen Crawford

Secretary – Heather Ingraham

Judy reminded everyone to bring bird and flower photos for the next display to the September meeting. The photos can be 8×10, 8×12 or 11×14. No mattes or frames please. Please include your name, location and subject on the back of the photo.

Remember that the contest tear down is Saturday, June 27th at 10:00AM. Please arrive at the humanities building at Bellevue University to pick up your framed photographs. The winning photos will be on display at the Bellevue Library throughout the summer.

Photographer, Tim White judged the 102 submissions to the annual contest and critique.

Here are the results:

Novice Categories MEMBER NAME PHOTO    TITLE
Flora 1st – Wayne Brill # 5 Phyllis’s Calla Lily
2nd – Richard Magers # 101 Bee Flowered
3rd – Mary Clapp # 2 Sunflower
Honorable Mention HM – Dick Keefe # 87 Flower Combo
Scenic 1st – Richard Magers # 100 A Cranes Rising
2nd – Donna Grey # 52 Perspective
3rd – Cherre Beam Callaway # 47 70 Below on Hudson Bay
Honorable Mention HM – Frank Dye # 40 The Beauty of the Firth
Animals 1st – Donna Grey # 55 Breakfast in Yellowstone
2nd – Richard Callaway # 42 Chillin
3rd – Beth Waywood # 68 Peeking Out
Honorable Mention HM – Kenneth Huber # 51 Red Tailed Hawk
Flora 1st – Allen Kurth # 93 My Bleeding Heart
2nd – Doug French # 8 Water Lily
3rd – Sue Mininni # 77 Pansy Faces
Scenic 1st – Doug French # 11 Lonely Tree
2nd – Allen Kurth # 90 Early Morning Light
3rd – Lonny Holman # 20 Sunrise on the Missouri
Animals 1st – Heather Ingraham # 24 Mountain Goat Family
2nd – Doug French # 10 Interested
3rd – Allen Kurth # 91 Curious Raccoon
Honorable Mention HM – Heather Ingraham # 26 Flight Dreams Burrowing Owlet
Combined Class 1st – Richard Magers # 4 Shoal Mills Falls
2nd – Lonny Holman # 21 Rust Buckets
3rd – Doug French # 9 Old Market Shops
Honorable Mention HM – Lonny Holman # 22 Reflecting Omaha
Black & White Cherre Beam Callaway # 47 70 Below on Hudson Bay
Best Fontenelle Photo Allen Kurth # 91 Curious Raccoon
Best of Show Heather Ingraham # 24 Mountain Goat Family
People’s Choice PC – Lonny Holman # 20 Sunrise on the Missouri
Member’s Choice PC – Lonny Holman # 20 Sunrise on the Missouri

Photo Critique June 18

The Fontenelle photo Club Meeting and Photo contest critique is Thursday, June 18th @ 7 P.M. @ B U Humanities Bld. The meeting and show will be in the auditorium this year.  The Judge has judged the photos and the results are ready. All the photos in the show have been digitized and put into power point presentations.

Winning photos will be announced during the show. Plan to arrive a little early so you can vote for your favorite photo before 7 P.M. (Member’s Choice Award) We will have elections as well to take care of and a short club meeting before the show begins.

I do not think we are to have any refreshments in the auditorium. We want everyone up front during the show so some rows of seats will be roped off. Please sit in the designated areas.

There will be a short 10 minute intermission during the show for refreshments and bathroom breaks. If you recieve a ribbon during the show we ask that you come up on stage to receive it and be recognized by the group. Before you leave for the evening make sure your ribbon is hung beside your winning photograph.

This is an entirely new way of doing the critque so any feedback would be appreciated. Write down your comments on the back of the small pieces of paper by the ballot box and place them in the ballot box.

See you Thursday.


Meeting Reminder – Photo Contest Awards and Critiques

We will meeting at Bellevue University Gallery in the Humanities Building on Thursday, June 18th at 7:ooPM.

The contest will be judged and critiqued by Tim White. Here’s some information about Tim:

The photography of Tim White has won many awards. His photography has been published in many venues, and he has had commercial print exhibits in Maine. He has presented many workshops and multi-media programs throughout the Northeast, in Nebraska, and in Canada.  He has wide experience in wedding, portrait,  sports and stock photography.  His special interest has been Nature Photography.  For over 12 years, through the Poconos Environmental Education Center in Pennsylvania, he led weekend photography workshops and Photo Safaris to Maine.  His multi-media programs have been seen in National Parks, nature centers, nature groups, conventions, and camera clubs.  
His love of wildlife photography has taken him all across the U.S.A., Canada, and to England, Scotland, and Wales. His program “The Puffins of Machias Seal Island” raised thousands of dollars for the National Audubon Society’s program to restore puffin colonies off the coast of Maine. Tim is a native of Nebraska and has returned to live in Omaha.  He hopes his experiences and efforts will help others appreciate the natural world around us.  It’s important to know that we can still have some of the same wildlife experiences as our ancestors.  Photography gives us the opportunity to preserve these experiences for future generations. He is currently selling nature prints at the Rowe Sanctuary in Gibbon, and The Crane Trust in Wood River.  “From Maine to the Plains, a Photographer’s Journey” is his latest photography program. He has been represented by Shostal Associates and Superstock Agencies.  He has judged over 150 photo competitions, including locally, the Douglas County Fair Photo Contest.