News & Notes – 7/25/14

Here’s a few notes items of note to pass along:

New Captcha Security

When I took over the webmaster duties a few months ago  the ability to register on the site had been shut because it was being inundated with spam registrants. These registrants pose no danger to you but from an administrative perspective, it was rather annoying. So I have cleaned up the spam and added a Captcha security feature so that users can now register on the site. So if you sign in to the site, or register on the Member Forum, you may see something that says “Prove Your Human”. Below this statement you will see a simple addition or subtraction math problem where you have to enter a number to solve the problem before you can sign in. I understand that this is a bit of an inconvenience, but it does save me from a significant amount of administrative work. So thanks for your patience.

Omaha Park Photo Contest is promoting an Omaha Park Photo Contest. They are looking for pictures taken in one of Omaha’s public parks. Entries must be submitted by September 30th. Click this link for more details.

NebraskaLand Magazaine Photo Contest Winners Announced

You may remember that we had announced on a previous blog post that NebraskaLand magazine was holding a photo contest. I submitted a couple of entries and the photo below was selected for 1st place in the Landscape category. The photo was published in the August/September edition of the magazine which is a special collectors edition titled “Beautiful Nebraska”. It’s a great collection of pictures and is worth picking up. I just want to say that placing in this contest  is a direct result of all that I’ve learned from being in this club so thank you all for all you contribute.














Educational Video of the Week

Here’s a short video with some good tips on shooting landscapes.

I will be out of town on vacation next week so I may be a little slow in responding to e-mails. But please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or provide any feedback.


Peter Carbonell


Downtown Omaha Photowalk Results

Saturday night Doug French, Rich Magers and I got together downtown to shoot some evening pictures in the area. The walk part just ended up being from the parking lot to the Conagra Park Fountain and back. But we had a great time just shooting the fountain for two hours on a pleasant summer evening! It was a great exercise in approaching a subject from different angles in constantly changing light.

Here’s a few shots taken by us. Take a look and let us know what you think!

[flagallery gid=16]


[flagallery gid=17]


[flagallery gid=18]

News & Notes – 7/16/14

I hope you are all having an enjoyable summer season. We’ve had some great weather here recently so hopefully you have been able to get out and enjoy it.

Here’s a few club related items that I’d like to pass along:

Member Forum

If you haven’t checked out the Member Forum lately, we’ve added a new category, HDR, to the list. Lonny Holman has a few shots out there that are definitely worth checking out.

If you have some HDR shots to share, or any pictures that fall into any of the Forum categories, or just want to share your thoughts on a topic, take a few minutes and post them out there! It’s a great way for our club members to share ideas and techniques. Also, please let me know if you have a forum topic that you’d like to see out there as I would be happy to add to our list.

New Portfolios!

In case you haven’t checked out the portfolios on the Home Page lately, we have a few new ones published. Phil and Sue Mininni and Lonny Holman recently provided some of their best images.

To see their new portfolios, go to the Home Page and look under the Portfolio heading. If you hover your cursor over the pictures you will see the name of the portfolio photographer. Click on the picture to open the portfolio and view the slideshow. There are also arrows to the right of the Portfolio header that you can click to see additional portfolios that we have published.

If you would like to see your portfolio published or if you want your existing portfolio updated, send an e-mail to me via the webmaster address and I’ll be happy to get you set up!

New Member Website Links!

Over the last month or so, I’ve added a few new links under the Member Pages & Links heading in the footer area of our website. Links have been added for users to connect to both the Fontenelle Forest home page as well as the Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Membership Form.

In addition to the Fontenelle Forest links, we’ve set up links for a couple of new member websites! Alan Brodin and I, Peter Carbonell, have recently set up our own sites, so take a moment to click on the links and check out our sites as well as those of the other members you’ll find there.

If you have a personal website, please let me know about it and I’ll add a link for you!

Upcoming Photo Display Requests

As you are out with your cameras this summer, please keep in mind that we have some upcoming photo display requests.

  • For our September 18th meeting we are looking for pictures of Nebraska and Iowa State Historic Sites as well as pictures of bridges.
  • For our December 18th meeting we are looking for pictures of any type of precipitation (rain, snow, hail, dew, etc…) as well as images taken in Nebraska and Iowa State Parks.

As always, the photos must be 8×10, 8×12 or 14×16 – non-matted and non-framed. On the back of photo please list the photographer’s name, the photo topic and where it was taken. Thanks to Judy Dye for staying on top of this for us!


If anyone has any club or photography related information that they would like me to post, i.e. suggestions for the site, upcoming photo contests, personal successes, photo opportunities, etc…, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at

Otherwise, have a safe and enjoyable summer!

Peter Carbonell


Downtown Photowalk

Doug French and I will be doing a little photowalk  this Saturday evening, July 19th, and we would like to know if anyone else would like to join us.

We will be meeting at 7:30 pm by the Storz Brewery (formerly Rick’s Cafe Boatyard) at 345 Riverfront Drive. Currently we’re planning on shooting the fountain at Heartland of America Park and whatever else in the downtown area that strikes our fancy.

Those joining us should be prepared to walk a good amount over the course of the evening. You should also have a tripod with you if you want to take low light, long exposure images.

If you would like to join Doug and I, please call one of us so that we know who to wait for before we take off on our little photographic journey!

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday evening!

Peter Carbonell – Cell 402-639-6543

Doug French – 402-578-9950

Crush the Composition Video

For those of us in the club that were at the photo contest critique on June 19th, we heard our judge, Derrald Farnsworth-Livingston, give his opinion on each and every photo displayed. Derrald provided us with a positive, yet honest critique of each and every photo on display, which I thought was very educational.

If we had to name the most common concern he shared, I’m sure all of us would say it was composition and cropping. This is a common challenge for the photography enthusiast. We often read and hear about the commonly accepted rules of composition, such as the Rule of Thirds, leading lines and patterns, but sometimes it is difficult to apply these in practice.

In the last year and a half since I joined the club, I have watched a lot of videos on Youtube and have found them to help my photography immensely. Probably the best video I’ve seen regarding composition was one produced by Scott Kelby of KelbyOne called Scott Kelby’s Crush the Composition.

Scott briefly, and humorously, goes through the general rules of composition, but then spends the rest of the video giving practical examples of ways to improve composition techniques. The video is a little over an hour, but his delivery is entertaining and informative.

Give it a look and comment on the blog with your thoughts. Click this link to watch the video: Scott Kelby’s Crush the Composition.

Peter Carbonell