Photo Contest Take Down

>>> REMINDER <<<

Please pick up your contest entries at 10:00 on Saturday, June 29, 2013.

1st and 2nd place winners will be displayed at the Bellevue Library through August.

Send .JPGs of all winning entries to Frank for inclusion on home page slide show.

Have a great summer!


People’s Choice

So far, their are over 80 votes for the People’s Choice Award! Numerous photos have recieved votes and their is no clear cut winner as of today. (Monday, June 10th) Tell your family, friends & co-workers about the show and encourage them to go and view the photos and place a vote for their favorite. The Winner will be announced on June 20th at our 7pm Photo Club Meeting held at Bellevue University. There is another vote that night for the Members choice award. So, two more ribbons to be awarded at our last meeting of the summer. I encourage everyone to attend the meeting to hear Darreld’s critique of our photos and to also vote for your favorite photo!

See everyone Thursday, June 20th at 7 PM. @ the Humanities building at BU.

Web Site Update

Contest winners, here’s your chance to display your work!

We want to freshen up our web site by posting winning images from our recent photography contest on the home page slide show. All 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and all special category winners are eligible to be included. If you would like your winning photo included, please e-mail it to Frank Comisar no later than Saturday, June 8th. Prepare your files for the web as follows:

      • File type: JPG
      • File name: your_name-image_title.JPG
      • Resolution: 72dpi
      • Size: 1200 px on longest side
      • Color space: SRGB

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the file spec above. I’ll adjust any file if necessary but you’ll save me considerable time if you do it before you submit.

Also, while I’m on the topic of web site update, please remember:

      • All members in good standing are eligible to have an on-line image portfolio on the club’s web site. If interested, contact Frank Comisar for details.
      • All members in good standing are eligible to have a link to their own web site placed on the club’s home page. Let Frank Comisar know if you have one you would like included.
      • If you have any relevant information you would like to distribute to the club, the web site is the best vehicle. Send Frank Comisar the info for posting to the blog ASAP.
      • Let Frank Comisar know if you become aware of any photography related event or cool photo shoot opportunity so it can be included on our on-line calendar.

See you all on June 20!


2013 Annual Contest Results

The results are in for the 2013 Annual Photo Contest of the Fontenelle Forest Photography Club. We had over 90 submissions from over 25 members. The overall quality of work was tremendous. Thanks to our judge, Derrald Farnsworth-Livingston of Journey of Light Photography for his thoughtful critique. Derrald will be present at our June 20 meeting to offer his thoughts on all the submissions.

Here are the official results:

Novice Categories


      • 1st place   Nick Hildenbrandt “Great Blue Heron” 
      • 2nd place  Heather Ingraham “Great Egret Chicks” 
      • 3rd place  Judy Dye  ” Majestic”       
      • 3rd  place  Heather Ingraham“Tufted Titmouse 


      • 1st place   Frank Dye  “Tranquil” 
      • 2nd place  Robert May  “Poppies” 
      • 3rd place   Awarded in Animal Category 


      • 1st place  Dick Keefe  “Frosty” 
      • 2nd place  Robert May “Gene Leahy Mall” 
      • 3rd place  Alan Brodin “Minnehaha Stream” 


Advanced Categories


      • 1st place  Doug French   “Beach Stroller”
      • 2nd place  Frank Comisar  “Tired Mom”
      • 3rd place  Frank Comisar  “Navaho Horse”


      • 1st place   Sue Mininni  “Orange in Bloom” 
      • 2nd place  Frank Comisar  “Pinon Tree”
      • 3rd place  Jim Hughes  Raindrops on Roses”


      • 1st place  Doug French  “Alberta Falls”
      • 2nd place  Essie Grill “Bryce Canyon”
      • 3rd place  Doug French  “Outdoor Theater”


Combined Categories

Anything Goes:          

      • 1st place   Alan Brodin  “Buddy”
      • 2nd place  Doug Watson “The Old Clock Maker”
      • 3rd place  Kathleen Crawford Rose “Petra”


Best of Show:              Dick Keefe  “Frosty”

Best Black and White:  Frank Comisar “Thunderstorm Over Mittens”

Best Fontenelle Forest:   Lonny Holman “Nap Time”

People’s Choice:         To Be Determined June 20th

Member’s Choice:      To Be Determined June 20th

For Immediate Release

From: Kathleen Crawford-Rose
Date: June 1, 2013
Topic: FNA Photo Club Exhibit


The Fontenelle Forest Photography Club will have an exhibit of photographs at the Bellevue University Art Gallery in the Humanities Building gallery from June 1st through June 29th .

This exhibit will contain the photos from our annual contest and show. The photographs cover a wide variety of subjects including scenic views, flowers, birds, butterflies, and animals. The exhibit contains over 90 photographs by 25 different photographers. The viewing public is invited to vote on their favorite photograph.

Participating photographers include: Alan Brodin, Frank Comisar, Kathleen Crawford-Rose, Jay Davis, Frank Dye, Judy Dye, Doug French, Pete Fried, Essie Grill, Ryan Harris, Nick Hildenbrandt, Lonny Holman, Jim Hughes, Heather Ingraham, Pat Keefe, Dick Keefe, Jason Keel, Robert May, Phil Mininni, Sue Mininni, Rich Ryan, Eric Scholar, Todd Utter, Tracy Utter, and Doug Watson.